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July 17, 2012


VapeXhale Cloud

by Slightly Medicated
VapeXhale Cloud

I thought I would take a moment to introduce a new vaporizer that is now accepting orders!  They call it the Cloud from VapeXhale. The Cloud is being developed by long term vaporizer aficionados.  After years of using other products, they set out to make the vaporizer that trumps the competition.  After some hard work, the manufacture is ready to show the world what they produced.  From the looks of what they developed, they might have actually succeeded in creating a vaporizer worthy of your attention.

You can find more information, and how to order your unit after the break!


The VapeXhale cloud

VapeXhale claims the Cloud was designed from the ground up to provide an all-glass, moisture-conditioned vapor experience. Durability, ease of use, and ergonomics were also high priorities for their design team. The VX Cloud was designed to use a single, integrated design for easy, one handed operation.  Ease of operation can be a significant factor for people with conditions like arthritis.

There is lots of information on the VapeXhale Website. They also have a FAQ Section that has some terrific answers to poignant questions. There are some excellent videos on their YouTube Channel.  I thought the two videos below had some good information. I wanted to share the videos here with you.  The first video is a teaser, and the second is an instructional video:

If you think you are interested in purchasing this vaporizer, then you might want to head on over to the VapeXhale Website and order your unit now.  The company has started shipping out the first units to customers who have ordered already.   The Cloud is currently selling for $449.  The Cloud is currently being offered in two different styles:

For me, one of the most appealing aspects of this vaporizer is the moisture conditioning.  The unit comes with the choice between two different glass filtration tubes.  They fit on to the unit and allow you filter the vapor through water.  The vaporizer also fits existing glass pieces, just flip the Cloud upside down and it can be used with any 18.8 and 14.4 (with appropriate adapter) water tools.  This is a gigantic selling point in my book.  I have always preferred to run my vapor through water, I find that doing so greatly vastly throat irritation.  I always prefer when a vaporizer is designed to work with a water filtration. These types of vaporizers usually end up working better than making a DIY solution for a device that was not intended to be used with a water pipe.

You can read more about the unit over at the FC Forum.  The reaction of the people who have had the opportunity to use this device has been overwhelming positive.  If that is a sign of things to come for this company, then everyone should be tremendously excited.  I have already received my unit, and eagerly await have been testing it out for a few weeks now.  I will be posting more about the cloud as the weeks progress.

Do you already have your VapeXhale Cloud?  We would love for you to leave a comment below with your thoughts on the device.

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  1. t-dub
    Aug 6 2012

    This is absolutely the best vaporizer I have ever used, period. It’s a game changer. Quite simply, as a medical patient, subduing pain with flowers can sometimes be a challenge. Not any more.

    Fantastic blog btw, thanks for all of your hard work!

  2. Sep 28 2012

    VapeXHale looks like a savage new vaporizer. I’m impressed and looking forward to demoing this beast of a vape. Thanks for the information and props on the website, looking good brother.

    P.S. I found your website on the forums (GC or FC, don’t remember)

  3. Gio
    Dec 6 2012

    What is the difference between the two models? I clicked on the link and it send me to various names, and they were all way much more than $449…

  4. Mar 13 2013

    Not sure what to think about this one yet. VapeXhale has certainly created an interesting vaporizer but how does the Cloud stack up against the VaporBlunt 2.0? I think this is the real question a lot of vapor connoisseurs are wondering.

  5. venomous
    Apr 8 2013

    Well the biggest issue surrounds the clouds reliability… It flat out sucks. Yet they come back with a bullshit excuse that only 2% fail which we know is a complete lie. If you ever visit [FC], their forum protects any and all bad press about the Cloud’s reliability and how VapeXhale expects their customers to purchase an extended warranty. Here are some highlights potential customers NEED to know before making the purchase since the FC forum will delete any truths.

    1) VapeXhale Cloud has reliability issues. Some failing within the first week of purchase. Many fail within the first 90 days.

    2) Replacement clouds fail just as often as brand new clouds.

    3) [FC] forums is in bed with vapexhale and protects them against negative feedback from customers.

    4) VapeXhale will try to up sell you on a warranty upgrade for $150. Your unit will take damn near a month to get this upgrade and come back looking like it was opened by a can opener. Btw, the upgrade will either further degrade performance or completely fail.

    5) VapeXhales quality control has taken a serious nosedive. At this point, they are only interested in selling units, knowing they are going to fail. They also know these units are being slapped together with obvious quality issues but continue to sell them.

    Buyer beware…

  6. Ian
    May 25 2013

    Venomous, I was highly interested until I read your comment…I wish you could elaborate more. Are you telling me that is in partnership with vapexhale and they remove any negative comments? Or are you just blabbering your mouth?

  7. joe
    May 25 2013

    agree with you about the cloud and fc. it is unreliable and fc cover the fact. they’re almost a shill site now.


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