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June 6, 2012


Underdog Vaporizer Review

by Slightly Medicated
Underdog Vape Review

Underdog Aromatherapy makes one-of-a-kind hand crafted vaporizers in California.  They produce log style vaporizers that are reminiscent of vaporizers like the Purple Days (discontinued), EpicVape, The HI, and AromaZap.  Log style vaporizers are usually characterized as a vaporizer form factor made from wood.  These types of vaporizers are known for being user friendly while producing consistent performance.

When I was in the market for a new vaporizer, I got a tip from someone to check out the Underdog Vaporizers.  I am so happy I decided to listen to their advice.  I purchased a vaporizer from the manufacture awhile ago.  I was so pleased with the performance that I now own three of their vaporizers.  Each one is unique, functional, and a work of art that I am pleased to display at my desk.  Something that you can’t say about all vaporizers.  For example, The Plenty is a vaporizer that looks more at home in a tool chest than your coffee table.

I spent time running my dogs through their paces. I wanted to see how well they preformed. I finally feel I am ready to put together a comprehensive review. I also spent sometime producing a video review and demonstration of the vaporizers. Look no further if you were curious to find out more about these vaporizers.

Like the looks? Want to know more about this Vaporizer? Well read on after the break!  You will find more information, a video review, lots of pictures, and a coupon code for free shipping!

The Underdog vaporizer is a passive convection style vaporizer.  This means that vapor is extracted by passing hot air over the plant material.  Air is warmed up to temperature by passing over a heating core.   The core is located in the center of the this vaporizer.  The vapor is delivered to the user by inhaling through a silicone tube that contains the plant material.  The silicone tube is situated just above the heating element.  As the user inhales, the hot air is drawn over the plant material extracting the active compounds of the plant material.

The Underdog vaporizer comes with a stock power supply.  The power adapter is 12v.  The average temperature is 350-70 Fahrenheit, though material, grind, and draw technique can affect those numbers.  The faster you draw, the cooler the air will be passing over the plant material.  The slower you draw, the hotter the plant material gets.  Aside from that there is not much technique involved in using this vaporizer.  I found it to be a very user friendly vaporizing experience.

When you order your Underdog, the manufacturer provides everything you need to get up and running.  I was impressed with the amount of extra screens, tubing, and everything else provided in my Underdog kit.  Underdog Vaporizers come with this standard kit unless otherwise stated.  You can expect to find:

  • You Underdog Vaporizer
  • 2 Silicone Stems, 3-4″
  • 1 Glass Stem with Micro-Bowl and Cork
  • Screen Kit (10 Stainless Steel Screens, Silicone Mold, Wooden Dowel)
  • AC/DC Wall-Wart (12 Volt Power Supply)
  • Muslin ABV Bag
  • Aromatherapy Cup & Hook
  • Underbutter Touchup Wax

Check out the video review for more information and a demonstration of my Underdog Vaporizers:

Sometimes I don’t like writing a review when I like a product so much. I can find it difficult to find things to write about. When things work so well, you don’t want to sound like you are giving a product excessive praise. I can say though that the Underdog Vaporizers far exceeded any of my expectations. I have a hard time trying to find things that I don’t like about these devices. Almost everything about them was manufactured in a way to deliver a hassle free vaporizing experience.

The silicone tubes that are used as a draw stem are washable. Once you feel like they are getting dirty, you can throw the stems in some Isopropyl Alcohol. I like to put mine in a plastic bag with some salt. I give it a shake for a couple minutes and it usually comes out ready to use. I will run the silicone tube through some hot water if there is still anything stuck to the screen inside. This usually gets it back to a clean state. Eventually, the tubing will start to stain brown. Once you feel like it has gotten dirty enough it is time to make yourself another silicone draw stem. They provide a replacement screen kit with your device. Instructions on how to replace the metal screens can be found on the FAQ section of their website.

I find each of the models fits well in my hand. The smallest and thinnest model can get warm in my hand, but never so hot that it is uncomfortable to hold. They all feel like they have an appropriate weight. When I was nursing a broken hand, I had no issue using them one handed. That is a big plus for anyone with a hand injury or arthritic hands.

The wood Underdog Vaporizers are finished/conditioned walnut oil and shellac finish then buffed with a coat of bees wax and carnuba wax. Custom pieces are usually finished the same though occasionally people choose to have no finish, just oil, or wax, or whatever they specify. It helps protect the wood and brings a lustrous finish to the wood’s surface. The almond oil might cause a slight smell. This subsided within the first couple days of using my device. I found it to be quite a pleasant aroma actually. It smells reminiscent of warm almonds. It should not be a major issue for most users. The Underdog Vaporizer is very easy to take care of. Each vaporizer comes with a little tub of Underbutter. Underbutter is a conditioning wax that you can rub onto your vaporizer to renew the finish. I find applying it every few weeks helps to keep the vaporizer looking and feeling new. It helps prevent the wood from drying out too quickly as well.

This vaporizer certainly exceeded my expectations. The amount of vapor these devices produce is pretty astounding. If you like vapor, the Underdog will not leave you wanting. The supplied power adapter is meant to run the Underdog at the optimal temperature. If you feel like you want the device to get a little hotter, investing in a Variable Volt Power Supply might be something you want to look into. I bought the one in the video from an electronics supply store around Seattle called Vetco. You can find a similar one on for about $80. You can also use a tattoo power supply like this one at for about $50.

The previous power supplies will allow you to make your device hotter. This allows you too extract more active ingredients from your material. If you feel like the Underdog runs hot enough, but would like to be able to turn the temperature down, you can purchase an inline dimmer from for about $8. These will allow you to turn the temperature of your vaporizer down. If you feel like the stock power supply is running too hot this inline dimmer is the solution for you.

Overall, the consistency of the already vaporized material the Underdog produces is quite even. You should expect the material to come out brown, but never burnt. There is a possibility of charring your material if you use a variable voltage power supply. I never go above 14.05 volts on my power supply. Anything further than that and the material is too brown for my liking. This is not an issue if your stick to the included power supply. Under normal conditions, this vaporizer does not get hot enough to worry about combustion. Some poeple like to throw their Underdog in between a couple blankets to help boost the heat. If you do this make sure to not to leave it there too long.

There are only a couple of drawbacks that I have experienced while using this vaporizer.  The heat up time can be an issue if you don’t plan on running the vaporizer all the time. On the other hand, it is designed to be run all the time. If you plan on playing it ultra safe and unplugging it in between uses, you should plan accordingly. Make sure you plug in your Underdog before your session so it can heat up.  The other drawback is that I wish the silicone tube held more plant material.  I would love for there to be a version of the Underdog that held around .25 grams of plant material.  Who knows, maybe one day they will come up with a way to pull an off an Underdog XL. From time to time, the DC plug will come loose at the base of the unit. It will still look plugged in, but it can come loose enough to lose power. Check your connections regularly and this should not be much of an issue.



  • Performance Is Top Notch
  • Price Is Reasonable
  • Unique and Artistic Designs
  • Good Vapor Production
  • Efficient In Use
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Low Learning Curve
  • Can Be Run 24/7
  • Vaporized Material Even In Consistency


  • Heat Up Time (Although It Can Be Ran 24/7 To Solve This Issue)
  • Restricted Load Size (You Want To Vaporizer More Material Per Session)
  • DC Plug Can Come Loose While Appearing Plugged In Still (Can Cause The Unit To Cool Down)

There is a lot to like about the Underdog vaporizers. They are reasonably priced. I find them to be extremely reliable. They preformed above my expectations on many levels. Each one looks like a unique work of art. I am proud to display these vaporizers in my home. If you seek thick vapor, then you should consider this as an option for you. I find the Underdog Vaporizers to be extremely easy to maintain and clean. I could go on and on… I can’t recommend these vaporizers enough. I hate to come off sounding overzealous. Truthfully, I have just downright enjoyed my experience while using these vaporizers.

Underdog vaporizers range from $175 to $299 depending on the type of wood and design complexity.  You should expect there to be some variations between the different styles.  If you see a vaporizer on the site that strikes your fancy, you should think about picking it up.  Since they are all unique styles, once it sells that piece is gone.

Underdog was kind enough to make a coupon code for our readers. If you enter “TVBLove” (case sensitive) in the coupon code prompt during check out. They will provide free shipping along with some extra goodies for you to enjoy with your new vaporizer. You can go to the Underdog Aromatherapy website to order.  Also if you are seeking Underdog vaporizer advice.  Check out the FC Forum thread about Underdog Vaporizers.

Do you own an Underdog Vaporizer? Let others know what you think about the product. Please leave us a comment below. Also if you have any questions about this product don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We will do our best to answer it for you.

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  1. Sep 5 2012

    Nice review, that petite unit is amazing.

  2. Megiddo
    Oct 19 2012

    How long does it take to heat up exactly?

  3. Art Vandelay
    Nov 4 2012

    Who let the dogs out! roh roh roh


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