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Magic Flight Launch Box DIY Replacement Stem

Awhile ago I lost the stem that came with my Magic Flight Launch Box. I decided to try and look around to see if there was anything I could use as a substitute stem until I was able to get myself a replacement. I thought I would share with you the soultion I liked so much, that I have been using them as my main draw stems ever since.

The first thing that came to mind was a soda straw. I went digging around the drawers in the kitchen and found the box of spare straws I had laying around. The soda straw is almost a perfect fit. If anything it is just a bit small. I was able to fix that by warping a tiny piece of scotch tape around the end of the soda straw.

Follow these steps to create your own MFLB Replacement Stem:

  1. Find a spare soda straw.  (You can clean out a used fast food straw or buy a box fro the grocery store)
  2. Pull about 2 inches of Scotch tape out of the dispencer.
  3. Wrap it around the end of the straw.
  4. Cut the straw down to length.
  5. If it is still loose add a second layer of tape.  (I have never had an issue with needing more then one layer)

These DIY soda straw stems are inexpensive, easy to make, disposal, and look a little more stealthy then the glass stems. I like them so much that I never even bothered to order myself a replacement glass stem.  I made a really short tutorial video that shows you the simple steps I take to make myself a replacement straw.

Do you have any modifications to the MFLB that you would like to share? Leave a comment below with your modification ideas.

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

The Magic Flight Launch Box has been around for years now. I don’t know the exact year it launched. For the longest time, it seemed like the only portable vaporizer option on the market. The only competitor it seemed to face was the ioLite. There is a lot of information and reviews on the MFLB available on the net already. I felt like it was still worth writing about for The Vaporizer Blog.

I purchased a Magic Flight Launch Box back in 2009 from a local smoke shop. They gave me a pretty decent deal. I think I ended up paying less than $100 USD for the unit. The review unit I am using for this review is the same exact unit many years later. If anyone is interested the serial number on the bottom of the device it is: 165607.

My MFLB came in the silver metal tin. Inside there was the main wooden unit, draw-stem,  couple batteries and charger, carrying pouch, and a few instruction manuals. I found the kit had pretty much everything I needed in order to get started using the device. I made sure to charge all the batteries before my first use and read the directions.

Want to see if the MFLB will live up to your expectations?  Keep reading after the break for more!

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