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May 25, 2012


Space Case Grinder Review

by Slightly Medicated
Space Case Grinder Review

If you read my previous article about knockoff grinder brands. You might remember that I purchased a Space Case grinder. I had a few days to use the grinder, and I wanted to give you my impressions. The Space Case grinder is a top of the line grinder manufactured in America. I decided to go with the Titanium Large Four Chamber grinder. It measures 3.5″ wide X 2.75″ tall. You can find a description on of the product on the this website.

Find out if the Space Case lives up to the hype after the break. There are also pictures and a video review after the break!

Grinders can come in a various number of pieces. They can range from two pieces, all the way up to five piece grinders. I prefer to use a four piece grinder myself. Four piece grinders work by catching the ground plant material in the 3rd chamber. In between the third and fourth chamber there is a sifting screen. This allows the Keif (THC Crystals) to fall though the screen and collect on the bottom of the fourth chamber. This lets you to save the Keif for various uses down the road.

About The Space Case Grinder

The Space Case grinder does a superb job of munching through the plant material. The holes in the 2nd piece are just the right size. They allow the plant material to fall though at just the right grind consistency. I found the end result of the grind was extremely consistent. I have owned many grinders through the years. I don’t think any of them have lived up to the quality of grind I am getting from my Space Case. The Teflon grade O-rings make for extra smooth grinding motion. The Space Case is much easier to turn than other grinders I have used. This is particularly noteworthy for people who have arthritis or hand injuries. I have been nursing a broken hand. I know I appreciate the extra smooth turning motion the grinder provides.

The machining of the Space Case is second to none. All of the pieces go together so smoothly, even the pieces that screw together feel like butter. I would suggest periodic cleaning of the threaded areas in the grinder. I use a brush to knock off any plant material that collects in the threads. This will help prolong the life of the grinder, and help it continue to turn smoother longer. Some caution should be taken as you spin it close. You can almost spin it close so fast that you could pinch your finger. I have not done it yet, but I make sure my fingers are not in the way before I start closing it.

My Space Case came with a nice little scraper in the bottom chamber. You can use it to collect the Keif off of the bottom of the fourth chamber and sprinkle it on top of a bowl of the plant material. Space Case included a custom scraper. It is made of a higher quality thick acrylic/plastic material. It should last much longer than the little plastic cuticle pushers that most grinder companies include. The trick is not misplacing it.


The only drawback for some poeple might be the cost. When you consider the quality of the product. It honestly does not seem like that expensive of an investment. I use my grinder on a daily basis. I had another high quality grinder for many years. I ended up losing it when I moved. I imagine it would still be going strong had I not lost it. I expect that the Space Case will provide me with many years of service. That makes it worth the price.

Cheap knockoff grinders usually to break much quicker than the higher quality grinders. I went through three cheap grinders in a couple of years. All together I spent a little over $90 for the three grinders. I was able to pick up this Space Case grinder for $90. I expect that I can get 5+ years out of the grinder before I might need to replace it. If you are someone who looses your grinder all the time. It might be smarter to keep investing in the cheaper grinders. If you can keep track of the grinder though, the $90 investment will pay off in the long run.


I am really enjoying my new Space Case grinder. I can’t recommend it enough. I will update this page if anything ever happens, and it breaks on me. I have a feeling that the quality of this grinder means it will last for years to come. Everything about the Space Case grinder seems to be machined to such high quality that it trumps most of the grinder brands available today.

Space Case makes many different styles of grinders. They have cheaper two piece models along with the four piece models in various sizes. The prices range from around $25-$100 USD. Along with grinders Space Case also produces pollen presses, storage containers, and other items. You can see their entire collection by Space Case Grinders or

Do you own a Space Case Grinder? Don’t own a Space Case, but you own a grinder that you really like? Let us know what brand you have and what you like about it. Leave a comment below.

Video Review

Here is a short video review and demonstration of the Space Case Grinder:

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  1. Saxon
    Jun 23 2012

    I have the exact same space case just in the aluminum it is a FANTASTIC product no question about it. Worth every penny and then a whole lot more.

  2. Sep 5 2012

    Space Case medium 2 piece grinder, for the win. Another great review Slightly.

  3. MonsterWithoutBorders
    Nov 2 2012

    I own a Mendo Muncher which is not cheap but cheaper than the space case. It is very good. I have a space case and it is definitely smoother but the results of the Mendo Muncher is just as good. The teeth design is very good and the construction quality is very high.


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