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May 21, 2012


Magic Flight Launch Box Review

by Slightly Medicated
Magic Flight Launch Box Review

The Magic Flight Launch Box has been around for years now. I don’t know the exact year it launched. For the longest time, it seemed like the only portable vaporizer option on the market. The only competitor it seemed to face was the ioLite. There is a lot of information and reviews on the MFLB available on the net already. I felt like it was still worth writing about for The Vaporizer Blog.

I purchased a Magic Flight Launch Box back in 2009 from a local smoke shop. They gave me a pretty decent deal. I think I ended up paying less than $100 USD for the unit. The review unit I am using for this review is the same exact unit many years later. If anyone is interested the serial number on the bottom of the device it is: 165607.

My MFLB came in the silver metal tin. Inside there was the main wooden unit, draw-stem,  couple batteries and charger, carrying pouch, and a few instruction manuals. I found the kit had pretty much everything I needed in order to get started using the device. I made sure to charge all the batteries before my first use and read the directions.

Want to see if the MFLB will live up to your expectations?  Keep reading after the break for more!


Unfortunately, I will start off by saying I lost my stem a long time ago. I was too cheap to order another one. I found that a soda straw cut down to size fits exceptionally well. I make the straw fit even better by putting a single layer of scotch tape around the end of the straw. This helps to build up the thickness and makes a darned good seal in the stem hole of the MFLB. Since that solution worked well for me, I never bothered to order a replacement.

Some of you might be curious about the soda straw replacement I was talking about above. I made a short tutorial video about it. The tutorial shows you what I did to modify the straw for use with the MFLB. You can check out the video below:

The launch box is a exceptionally durably built device. Like I said, I purchased mine three years ago. Aside from the lost straw. My device looks pretty much the same as it did back in 2009. Keep in mind, I have not used my MFLB much since 2011. I ended up not needing a portable vaporizer during that time period. It went unused in a drawer until recently.

The makers of the MFLB claim that their vaporizer is suitable for: portability, easy of use, quick heat up time, stealthy nature, and price. For the most part, MFLB exceeded my expectations when it came to many of the features the company boasted about. In particular, I found that the portability and quick heat up time made for an excellent portable option.


The MFLB takes time to master the proper usage techniques. You use the device by placing a charged AA battery into the battery slot. I slowly push down and twist the battery in to the unit and give it a moment to heat. Then I start to take slow light draws out of the device. I am usually able to get several delicious vapor hits before I need to turn the device over to shake it and stir the plant material inside. It seems like I can get 5-10 hits per trench. It all depends on how hard a draw, light you grind the herb, and how long I hold to battery in the device.

Like I said, it can take some time to get the proper technique down for the MFLB. If you draw fast, there will not be enough heat passing over the material to get decent vapor. Draw slow, and things get too hot and unpleasant. It went though a whole 5-10 bowls before I fine tuned my technique. If you are new the the MFLB and want to find out more information about proper techniques, you can visit the FC Forum thread about the MFLB. It has over 668 pages of information on the device.

There are many admirable aspects to the MFLB. The device is extremely simply built. Which in my opinion, is a marvelous thing. The less complicated the device is, the less likely it is that you are going to run in to technical issues during the life of the device. For a portable device, I was never concerned about tossing this thing in my glove box, coat pocket, or drawer. I never worried that I was going to break in my pocket. The durability of this device is second to none.

When I worked in an office environment. I was able to run to my car during my break and medicate quickly and efficiently. Another bonus was that the MFLB vaporizer smelled up my car much less the than the ioLite. When I used my MFLB in the car and came back a few hours later. I noticed the odor was a lot less pungent than other vaporizers I was using at the time. I was even able to stealth vaporizer in a movie theater with out thoroughly drawing any attention to myself.


There are drawbacks to the whole system. The major drawback for me is battery management. I am a photographer for a living. I spend a lot of my time managing my batteries for my camera equipment already. I consider it an extra hassle to have to manage the charging and maintenance of the batteries you use for the MFLB.

I was constantly making sure that the batteries I had with the kit were charged. My MFLB uses one battery per trench. I find you can sometimes get 2 trenches full of material before the batteries give out. Unfortunately, the second trench is always a wispy in the vapor production. For that reason, I tend to only vaporize one trench full per battery. That means, if I want to use the device three times during the day. I need to carry three batteries with me.

The second greatest drawback is the vapor cloud production. If you are seeking lung busting vapor hits, you will be supremely disappointed. The MFLB is not meant to produce thick visible vapor. I would equate the vapor production to smoking a joint versus using a huge water pipe. You are still going to get vapor, but it will not be as much as you can if you used a desktop device. Personally, I can forgive this aspect of the device because I mostly found myself using it as a portable stealth vaporizer. Although giant hits are more satisfying for me.  They are a lot less stealthy.

The MFLB is designed for a user who is in the market for an economical, durable, reliable, and portable vaporizer. If you are in the market for a device like that, then you would probably enjoy the Magic Flight Launch Box. If portability is not an issue for you, then you might want to consider another option.

MFLB released a power passthrough so you can use the device without having to constantly charge the batteries. I have not had a chance to use the adapter, although I have heard decent things about it. The power adapter should allow users to forgo having to constantly charge batteries while using the device at home. Personally, I found there were better vaporizer options for home use.  I was never particularly interested in the power adapter.



  • Portability Is the Key Feature
  • Cost Is Very Reasonable
  • Durability Is Second To None
  • Stealth For When You Need It
  • Efficiency In Herb Usage


  • Battery Management
  • Takes Some Time To Master Proper Technique
  • Vapor Production Not Overly Dense. (Which is Forgivable)

I would highly recommend the MFLB to anyone who is in the market for a potable, reliable vaporizer. Even though I did not use my device for over a year. I was able to charge the batteries and use the device like it never skipped a beat. I was worried I would need to do a bunch of maintenance on the device after having it sit in my drawer for so long. It just goes to so that sometimes simplicity is the key to a successful product.

As technology advances and new portable vaporizers come to market.  The MFLB might have a hard time staying one of the top competitors in the market. Time will tell if the simplicity and durability of the MFLB will be able to keep a share of the portable vaporizer market.

If you want to pick up your own Magic Flight Launch Box.  You can head over to their website. They also have a bunch of marvelous FAQ and Advanced Usage Guide that you can read before you decide to purchase.

Do you have a MFLB? We would love to hear your thoughts on the device. Please sound off in the comments below.

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  1. J.R.R.TOKIN'
    May 21 2012

    Nice review :)

    I love my MFLB and think that even with the plethora of portable vaporizers that have come out the MF still has a place in my vape arsenal.

  2. vapedinaz
    Mar 22 2013

    there is a new vaporizer called the dragonlite, its a knock off of this. I bought it from their home website, its the basically the same thing as the magic,just not as fancy.hits hard and was cheap 30 dollarz. It got me and a group of friends pretty blazed.thought id pass it on since i didnt see it on the blog. peace


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