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May 21, 2012


Buyer Beware: SharpEdge Grinder

by Slightly Medicated
SharpEdge Buyer Beware

The Vaporizer Blog wanted to send a friendly reminder to its readers. There are many knock off brands out there. In particular one of the brands that I see most often at the local smoke shops is called SharpEdge. They are a knockoff of the popular Sharpstone grinder.

Many years ago I had an phenomenal grinder. I paid about $90 for it at a smoke shop in Austin Texas. That thing was a beast. It could chomp through anything. Always delivering a consistent grind. Unfortunately, after many years of daily abuse it finally got lost when I moved. Normally I have a philosophy of buying a reputable name brand produce instead of cheap knockoffs. The reason for doing this is because you often end up breaking the cheap knockoff. You end up spending just as much on the replacements, as you would on the name brand item. I figured that it could not be that big of a difference between a name brand grinder and a knockoff.

I will admit I have bought three of these grinders of the last year or so. Personally, since they are about 1/3rd of the price. I figured it would be okay if they did not last for a long time. Buying knockoff products is not necessarily going to save you any money. Unfortunately paying for three different SharpEdge grinders is equal to the cost of a genuine Space Case grinder.

Each one of my SharpEdge grinders has broke for various reasons. The first one was the hand crank type. Everything was working well, but the metal pin that held the spinning knob on the handle kept poking out and cutting me. I threw it away because I got tired of being cut. The most recent SharpEdge cost me about $30 at a local shop. Within the week, one of the teeth actually broke off the lid. I found it in two pieces mixed in with the rest of the material in the lower chamber.

Broken SharpEdge

Broken tooth after first week

This current model has more problems with it as well. The chamber that holds the ground matter does not make a tight seal with the upper grinder teeth. When you open the lid you often get a little bit of material on the outer ring that can fall off and make a mess.


Material Collect along top edge of grinder.

The lower portion that holds the pollen has grooves cut into it. The pollen tend to get stuck in them making it hard to get access to them all.


Hard to collect pollen from bottom chamber.

Lastly, the outside of the devices is not very smoothly machined and the ridges are not very comfortable against the skin. They also tend to collect dust and debris extremely easily.


The outside groves are uncomfortable and get messy.

After this most recent purchase I have decided that I should have listened to my original philosophy. Instead of going out and buying yet another knockoff. I ordered myself a Large Titanium Space Case 4 Chamber grinder. The difference is night and day. Do yourself a favor and purchase yourself a good quality grinder. It is one of the most used tools in my arsenal.

If you are looking to buy a grinder I would recommend the following brands:

  • Space Case
  • Mendo Mulcher Grinder
  • Sharp Stone
  • Mix’n Ball
  • Chromium Crusher

You can expect a full review of my new Space Case grinder soon.

Do you currently have a favorite grinder brand you like? Is there a grinder brand that you think is not worth the investment? Sound off in the comments below.

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